Meet Our Team

Clay Padgett
  • Apostle
Sabrina Padgett
  • Apostle
Phil Beck
  • Pastor of Cleveland location
Lauren Beck
  • Pastor and Worship Leader of Cleveland location
About our Apostles

 Clay and Sabrina Padgett launched a church in Georgia that they pastored for 19 years. During this time the ministry started a movement that impacted the city.  Through prayer, God broke a drought that was on the verge of shutting down the city. The local newspaper proclaimed it a miracle. 

After this, they joined forces with area clergy, city leaders, the police department and the community to fight crime and violence. According to the police chief: crime dropped 35% in one year; murders ceased for 26 months; over 100 sub-standard houses were removed and blighted areas were cleaned up. In one area, a community park was built to replace sub-standard houses. This movement brought unity to the entire community.   

Through the years the Padgetts trained people to flow in the supernatural and experienced countless miracles and deliverances. They taught hundreds to hear the voice of God and to minister prophetically.  Marriages and families were healed and restored and many came to know Christ.   This opened doors for them to travel across the US. Canada, Venezuela, Mexico and the Bahamas teaching and training pastors to impact their regions, transform their city and minster in the supernatural as well.  

After 19 years of pastoring in Georgia, God led them to merge their church with another ministry and to relocate to Cleveland, Tennessee.  They now, bring their passion for ministry to Cleveland to launch a new church -The TRIBE – and a School of the Prophets. 

About our Pastors

Phil and Lauren Beck have been in ministry since 2008. They served as the youth pastors at Crown Center Church in Griffin Georgia until 2014. Teaching young people that they have the power of God inside of them and can hear His Voice for themselves. They led their youth into the community to pray for people and saw God heal many through their students.

They have always been servants in the kingdom, being involved in worship and the technical aspects of the church. Ushering in the Spirit of God is key to God being able to have His way,  they believe in setting the right atmosphere for God. 

Seeing people set free and helping them to reach their greatest potential remains a passion for Phil and Lauren. They hope to continue to be used by God to help others unlock and discover their own spiritual gifts here in Cleveland.