Come Meet Your Tribe
We have been praying for you!

On the day of Pentecost, there was no orderly worship service with 3 songs and an offering. It was a move of God led by the Holy Spirit. It is our desire to be led by Holy Spirit instead of an order of service or a clock.  This is how it all began-this is how it should be.

On any given Sunday you will encounter an atmosphere of revival; a time of intense prayer; extended worship;  prophetic ministry;  biblical teaching and preaching and the warmth of a family.

Wednesday nights are all about training and building relationships.  We begin by sharing a meal together. Then, we LOOK BACK at the previous week to exaimine how we followed Christ. Next, we LOOK UP to hear from the Holy Spirit and dive into what He has prepared for us.  Finally, we LOOK FORWARD and challenge one another on how to obey Christ in the week ahead.  Every week we hear testimonies of how lives are being changed.