In a day where the differences between men and women have been blurred, society cries out for real men to arise.  Even in the church, masculinity has been replaced by neutrality.  The influence of a real man is astounding.  

When a mother comes to faith in Jesus, there is a 17% chance the children will follow her. When a father comes to faith in Jesus, there is a 93% that the entire family including the wife will follow. Ever wonder why there is such an attack on masculinity today. 

The Heart of a Lion is a ministry designed to challenge men to be godly, masculine men that are leaders of their family, the community and themselves.  If you need direction, accountability and support, join us as we all endeavor to become the men we are called to be and get our roar back.

We meet together to draw near to God and to just have fun as men.  For info on gatherings, check out the "EVENTS" page.